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Do What You Love – The Worst Career Advice Ever

Why “Do What You Love” might be the Worst Career Advice Ever By Troy Norton Do what you love! It sounds like a solid bit of career advice, doesn’t it? And what person in their right mind wouldn’t want to exchange that 8-5 daily drudgery for endless days filled with...

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Could a Cup of Coffee Change Your Career Path?

You’ve done all the preparation to determine the career path that seems like the best fit for you and your work personality type. Now you think you are closer to knowing which career path you want to pursue. There’s one more step you need to take and it could change...

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How to Identify Your True Workplace Strengths

At some point in your career, someone is going to ask you to talk about your workplace strengths – maybe during an interview or an evaluation. Do you know how to respond with confidence? And are you sure you really know what your workplace strengths are, anyway? It...

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Thinking About Leaving Your Job? Read This First!

Some days it’s so tempting, isn’t it? Those days when it feels like every single part of you is yearning for something else. Something different, something more. Maybe you’re unhappy in your career field, or maybe you’re just unhappy with your current job, salary, or...

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Nailing the online video interview

by Troy Norton Many companies are now transitioning not only to online submission for job openings but to online interviewing as well. As companies have in the past spent thousands and thousands of dollars flying prospective candidates to their location be...

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